RESTful WP-CLI: The final update?

Last November, I published a Kickstarter, and was completely blown away by the support. This month, the funding ran out, so I thought I’d post one last RESTful WP-CLI update.

This isn’t managed hosting

If your web host charges you for each change order, it’s not managed hosting, regardless of what their marketing page says.

Creating a blog post archive at /blog/ without awkwardly publishing a page

For the runcommand website, I wanted the blog archive to live at because I’m using the homepage as an informational archive page. This sort of use case is something WordPress supports, but it requires awkwardly publishing a page and then marking the page as a "Posts page." Instead, I wanted to do it with code. […]

Fixing COOKIE_DOMAIN for mapped domains on multisite

Today I learned the hard way that WordPress multisite doesn’t quite support domain mapping out of the box the way I expect it to. I’m working on a website-as-a-service product called ToothPress (more on that at some point in the future). On a paid plan, ToothPress customers will be able to map their custom domain. My […]

Summary of the bootstrap / load updates coming in WordPress 4.6

Summary of the bootstrap / load updates coming in WordPress 4.6. Notable, after WordPress 4.6, WP-CLI will be fully compatible with any future changes to wp-settings.php. Previously, changes to wp-settings.php would break WP-CLI. Many thanks to Aaron Jorbin for helping work through the core changes.

“Like a fine wine with steak…”

"Like a fine wine with steak, persistent object caches are best paired with complex data generation." I’d have to say that 8-bit avatar is pretty awesome. From Pantheon’s "Level Up: 5 Expert Tips for Optimizing WordPress Performance"

Should I use PHPUnit or Behat for testing my WordPress plugin?

Bill from Georgetown writes: Just curious, what made you choose Behat for [WP-CLI] testing rather than PHPUnit like WordPress core, EDD and a lot of other big WordPress plugins? Is it just for easier readability of tests, or is there more to it? I have a few projects that need unit testing and am trying […]

How to use WP-CLI without SSH access to the server

This micro-tutorial is now continuously revised on runcommand. Need to use WP-CLI on a WordPress site, but don’t have SSH access to its server? Simply change your local WordPress install’s database credentials to use the remote site’s configuration, such that the local WordPress install is using the remote database. You’re now free to run commands to […]