A data schema for meta

Generally, I’m very supportive of adding more structured metadata around data in WordPress. I’m also not a huge fan of P2 discussion threads (because P2 kinda sucks), so keep that in mind if I forget to reply to a comment / don’t get an email notification about a comment. I think we should follow JSON […]

New plugin: One Time Login

Need access to a WordPress install but don’t want to create a new user account? Use this plugin and WP-CLI to generate a one-time login URL for any existing user: wp plugin install one-time-login –activate && wp user one-time-login <user> After you run the command, you’ll see a success message like this: Success: Your one-time […]

Save a dozen keystrokes on every new branch

Use gpo to push your current branch to origin: alias gpo=’git push -u origin $(git rev-parse –abbrev-ref HEAD)’ Four key strokes is way better than 20+. For more of my favorite aliases, check out my dotfiles.

A persistent object cache is not a panacea

It’s important to note that a persistent object cache isn’t a panacea – a page load with 2,000 Redis calls can be 2 full seconds of object cache transactions. Make sure you use the object cache wisely: keep to a sensible number of keys, don’t store a huge amount of data on each key, and […]