Your feedback on the WP REST API

Earlier today, I tweeted: Right about now seems like a good time to get official feedback on WP REST API from @wordpress’s lead developers and committers. Just sayin’ Helen, a lead WordPress developer, replied with: Where does this feedback go, how is it structured, what makes it “official”, and how binding is anything that is […]

Feedback for Harvest’s Forecast

I love, love, love Harvest. As a solo shop, Harvest is a $12/month investment which feels like a $400/month return. One workflow aspect I’d love Harvest to solve for me is time forecasting. Here’s how I currently keep track of my commitments in iCal: These details are a pain to keep updated, and rarely accurate. […]

The pain of customizing WordPress themes

Choosing a WordPress theme from the Customizer is a bit painful. First of all, "Search installed themes" doesn’t make sense as a string on a hosted WordPress service. As a user, I have no ability to install new themes. It could be edited to just "Search themes" Second, as a user with a blog, I […]