“Like a fine wine with steak…”

"Like a fine wine with steak, persistent object caches are best paired with complex data generation." I’d have to say that 8-bit avatar is pretty awesome. From Pantheon’s "Level Up: 5 Expert Tips for Optimizing WordPress Performance"

Persistent object caches are like a fine wine paired with steak

A quote I put together for an upcoming Pantheon whitepaper on scaling WordPress. Used appropriately, a persistent object cache like Redis or Memcached can be an incredibly helpful tool for scaling your WordPress site. Say, for instance, you have an unavoidable query which takes an entire second to run. Or, you need to make an […]

WP Redis v0.3.0: Cache Groups

WP Redis v0.3.0: Cache Groups. Use define( ‘WP_REDIS_USE_CACHE_GROUPS’, true ); and wp_cache_delete_group( $group ); to easily purge all keys of a cache group.

Six Reasons Why WordPress Is Ready for the Enterprise

WordPress is the ideal choice for a future-proof publishing platform because of its steadfast commitment to backwards compatibility. This means the code you write today isn’t going to break when you update to the latest version tomorrow. In fact, the vision for WordPress is that, much like many browsers and mobile apps, you shouldn’t have […]