Creating a blog post archive at /blog/ without awkwardly publishing a page

For the runcommand website, I wanted the blog archive to live at because I’m using the homepage as an informational archive page. This sort of use case is something WordPress supports, but it requires awkwardly publishing a page and then marking the page as a "Posts page." Instead, I wanted to do it with code. […]

How to use WP-CLI without SSH access to the server

This micro-tutorial is now continuously revised on runcommand. Need to use WP-CLI on a WordPress site, but don’t have SSH access to its server? Simply change your local WordPress install’s database credentials to use the remote site’s configuration, such that the local WordPress install is using the remote database. You’re now free to run commands to […]

Save a dozen keystrokes on every new branch

Use gpo to push your current branch to origin: alias gpo=’git push -u origin $(git rev-parse –abbrev-ref HEAD)’ Four key strokes is way better than 20+. For more of my favorite aliases, check out my dotfiles.

Using HTTP DIGEST authentication with WordPress’ wp_remote_get()

HTTP BASIC authentication (Wikipedia) is a form of client / server authentication where the username and password are base64 encoded in the request header. However, because these credentials can be easily decoded, BASIC authentication requires SSL for the request to be secured. HTTP DIGEST authentication (Wikipedia) permits more secure communication between the client and server over insecure […]