New plugin: One Time Login

Need access to a WordPress install but don’t want to create a new user account? Use this plugin and WP-CLI to generate a one-time login URL for any existing user: wp plugin install one-time-login –activate && wp user one-time-login <user> After you run the command, you’ll see a success message like this: Success: Your one-time […]

New plugin: Bitly URL Generator

If you need automatic Bitly integration with your WordPress, check out Bitly URL Generator, a rewrite of Micah Ernst’s classic plugin of the same name. This version improves upon the original plugin in a couple key ways: add_post_type_support( ‘my-cpt’, ‘bitly’ ) works as expected, without needing to register additional actions for your custom post type. […]

Tracking versions of WordPress plugins in theme directories

On WordPress projects where the entire application is defined by the theme, it can be common to submodule or directly commit WordPress plugins to a directory like theme-name/lib. However, in doing so, you lose out on WordPress’ built-in update tracking. It would be cool to have a utility plugin that loads theme-specific plugins into the Manage Plugins […]