Using Kickstarter to fund open source

Successfully crowdfunding open source development is difficult, but not impossible. Here are some of the lessons I took away from my Kickstarter project, “A more RESTful WP-CLI.”

WP-CLI v0.24.0 released

Aliases, SSH support, and native wp-settings.php, with dozens of enhancements and bug fixes.

RESTful WP-CLI: The final update?

Last November, I published a Kickstarter, and was completely blown away by the support. This month, the funding ran out, so I thought I’d post one last RESTful WP-CLI update.

Summary of the bootstrap / load updates coming in WordPress 4.6

Summary of the bootstrap / load updates coming in WordPress 4.6. Notable, after WordPress 4.6, WP-CLI will be fully compatible with any future changes to wp-settings.php. Previously, changes to wp-settings.php would break WP-CLI. Many thanks to Aaron Jorbin for helping work through the core changes.

How to use WP-CLI without SSH access to the server

This micro-tutorial is now continuously revised on runcommand. Need to use WP-CLI on a WordPress site, but don’t have SSH access to its server? Simply change your local WordPress install’s database credentials to use the remote site’s configuration, such that the local WordPress install is using the remote database. You’re now free to run commands to […]

New plugin: One Time Login

Need access to a WordPress install but don’t want to create a new user account? Use this plugin and WP-CLI to generate a one-time login URL for any existing user: wp plugin install one-time-login –activate && wp user one-time-login <user> After you run the command, you’ll see a success message like this: Success: Your one-time […]

RESTful WP-CLI: What I’ve been hacking on

This post originally appeared on the WP-CLI blog. Let me just say — Thursday, February 4th was pretty darn demoralizing. I spent a huge amount of time in January towards the WP REST API in preparation for what I wanted to do on the command line, and a lot of momentum / inspiration / general […]