Export current database as testing mocks

Mocking your ideal application state for tests still takes a fair amount of effort. It would be cool to see a WP-CLI command to: Stash your current database. Interactively create your mocked data. Export mocked data for use in tests. Restore your database. From a Twitter thread with Joe.

Bluehost Develops Open Source Script To Update Two Million WordPress Sites

After determining that a significant number of customers were running outdated versions of WordPress, Bluehost’s development team created a unique Perl script utilizing WP-CLI (WordPress-Command Line Interface) and custom code to update WordPress sites going back to version 1.0.2. Bluehost completed exhaustive tests and reviews to ensure the script resulted in minimal disruptions or site […]

RESTful WP-CLI: No rest for the weary

This post originally appeared on the WP-CLI blog. Like my title? Get the pun? Te he he. I’m just back from A Day of REST, where I spoke about a more RESTful WP-CLI, and unlocking the potential of the WP REST API at the command line. It was probably the best talk I’ve ever done. […]

#feelingrestful: A more RESTful WP-CLI

Earlier today, I gave a talk at A Day of REST about unlocking the potential of the WP REST API at the command line — by creating a more RESTful WP-CLI. Check out the project on Github, and stay tuned for the v0.1.0 release. Read on for my (loosely edited) annotated slides from the presentation.

RESTful WP-CLI – The journey begins

This post originally appeared on the WP-CLI blog. And so the journey begins. As with most journeys, I have a mixture of emotions: excitement, anticipation, trepidation, and eagerness. Although the destination may be far away, I know I can get there as long as I consistently take steps in the right direction. Today marks the […]

Simple WP-CLI backup and restore

It would be neat if WP-CLI included a rudimentary backup and restore process for this use case: richard.tape [8:19 AM] anyone used wocker? I’m looking to set up a dev environment that I can share with someone else so they’re able to more easily help me debug a problem and I want to modify the base […]

Love and profit for wp search-replace — thanks Pantheon!

Moving databases between environments is tough. Many things can break in the process, and a single issue can sink hours of your valuable time. Migrating WordPress databases between environments is especially tricky for two reasons: Instead of relative paths, WordPress stores full URLs in the database, in many different columns and tables. These URLs, along […]

Verifying WordPress migrations

It seems like every time I do a migration with the WordPress importer, something about my data breaks. For instance, while writing my Year in Review post just now, I noticed last year’s post has an incorrect image: The image should be the visualization. It would be really neat if I could verify a migration with WP-CLI. […]